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Mersen överspänningsledare STPT12-5K1000V-YPV

Mersen överspänningsledare STPT12-5K1000V-YPV

Ordinarie pris 999 SEK
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STP T1+2 5 PV is the PHOTOVOLTAIC range of combined Type 1+2/Class I+II devices intended for discharging lightning currents (10/350 μs) and protecting against induced voltage surges (8/20 μs), in accordance with EN 50539-11 and IEC 61643-31 standards. These products provide advanced protection to photovoltaic systems by utilizing Mersen’s optimized dynamic thermal disconnection system, which does not require additional overcurrent protection (back-up fuse) due to its high short-circuit withstand rating. The devices are suitable for all PV applications: large-scale and rooftop. The series includes specific multipole products for multiple MPPT inverters.
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